As we’d done most of the walks before and we were feeling quite tired, we limited our exertions on what was a warm sunny day.

Sunshine at Tasman Lake
Enjoying the sunshine at Tasman Lake!
In the morning we went to the Tasman Glacier and Lake. The walk takes you up the moraine wall to a viewpoint overlooking the lake and back to the glacier. On the way you can detour to the so-called Blue Lakes, which are now green (they used to be fed by the glacier but as this has retreated, they are now only fed by rainwater. These lakes are quite small but attractive as plants grow in them and there are quite a few fish swimming round in them.
glacial meltwater
Two types of glacial meltwater: containing coarser grained and finer grained particles. At Tasman Glacier Lake

From the NZ Department of Conservation website:

Tasman Glacier Lake is a relatively recent addition to the scene, starting its formation in 1974 and growing steadily since then. The large terminal moraines mark the foot of the Tasman Glacier at the time of the lake’s formation and are a sobering reminder of the glacier’s retreat.

Tasman Glacier Lake
Panorama of Tasman Glacier Lake

Later we did the start of the Hooker Valley walk. This is a longer walk that we have done twice before. This time we went as far as the lookout just before the swing bridge (Ann’s favourite!)

Hooker Valley Lookout
At the Hooker Valley Lookout. Mueller Glacier lake in the background.

The new swing bridge on the Hooker Valley walk
The new swing bridge on the Hooker Valley walk. Max 20 people.
It is just lovely being in those surroundings and getting the different views of Mount Cook and the other peaks.

Hooker Valley swing bridge
Ann on the swing bridge and the cloud silhouettes the peaks
There is also an Alpine Memorial reminding us of the many people that have died on these peaks. A sobering reminder of the dangers inherent in the mountains.
Mount Cook
Mount Cook from the east side

Meltwater from the Mueller Glacier lake heads towards Lake Pukaki

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